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I am a compositor from and currently living in Reykjavik, Iceland.
My interest in film making started at around 12 years old, when I made a short video with my classmates for a school project. Later when I started 8th grade I got hand-picked along with 2 classmates and 3 10th graders to attend a 3 day seminar for grade school children. The seminar was put on by Reykjavik international film festival (RIFF) and at the end of the seminar we made a short film and competed with the other schools that attended the seminar. We got through the first round and ended up in 3rd place.


From there I joined film making classes in school where I filmed, edited and directed most of the short videos we made in that class.


My dream is to work in the digital entertainment industry and basically just create cool stuff, I love compositing, cinematography, editing, directing and 3D modeling. The best part of it is seeing it all come together in the end and knowing that I created something that I'm proud of.

My interests also include board games, weight lifting and Dungeons and Dragons.

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